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Medal of Honor Warfighter CD Key

Product Image of Medal of Honor Warfighter CD Key

Medal Of Honor Warfighter is a complete first person shooter game that features covert tier 1 military operative combat. This game is a sequel of 2010’s release Medal Of Honor and this game series has been well know for providing the real action feel from its WWII based game play at that time to today’s modern warfare scenario and true to life conflicts. As a single player your objective is to complete the missions that are given to you by your higher authority. Here you will again meet some crucial characters like “Mother”, “preacher”, “Voodoo” and others in operation after service in Afghanistan. As a player you will really enjoy the excellent game play of this Medal Honor Family’s new game.

The multiplayer mode allows you to include 2-20 players support where you can play as one of 13 special ops unit chosen from different countries elite force. This game comes with high end graphics and here you will get some serious bad ass modern warfare weapons.

It’s cheap, but not that good. Check out the Metacritic Review. For a list of all the other steam keys we compare prices for, click here.

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