Kinguin Review – Lets Take A look

Kinguin Review

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]inguin. The main competitor to G2A and your first visit to the site will prove why. The site is extremely professional, if not a little overdone, taking a while to load due to its sheer size. The site is well populated with content, allowing users to browse a range of popular categories, with a number of filters. The code for the site is pretty heavy, with lots of moving banners and ajax scripts slowing it down considerably. Still, it appears well cached and running on a content delivery network which certainly keeps it usable. Upon commencing the Kinguin review, I browsed the website on my mobile for a little research, I was presented with a notification regarding a Kinguin App. When heading to the Google Play Store I was also surprised to see that the app has surpassed ten thousand downloads; testament to just how popular this website is. The app itself is beautiful and makes shopping for cd keys on your phone a breeze. The website on mobile is not optimized very well and the user experience is much better on the app.

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If you arrive to the website not knowing what game you want to purchase, Kinguin has all games set out into easy to understand categories for you to browse. Filters are also a welcomed edition allowing you to set a maximum price if need be. The latest games are displayed on a rotating banner on the front, which is great for when you know exactly what you are after and your money is burning a hole in your pocket.

Business Details

Kinguin has a number of offices located all over the place. There is one in Hong Kong (boasting Business Registration details of Chamber of Commerce 166 4967 & VAT No: EU528001538), one in Los Angeles, three in Poland and two in Bulgaria. The sheer number of offices is a great indication as to the size and popularity of Kinguin. The vast majority of cd key stores out there on the net have no business details at all, so you can be sure Kinguin is a professional outfit. The website even has a jobs board, advertising for some 30 positions in various places around the world. Customer service reps, country managers, social media mangers, linux system reps are just song of the things available. Growing at a rapid rate means you have to expand quickly!

Products and Pricing

Like G2A, Kinguin not only sells cd keys itself, but also provides a marketplace platform for individuals to sell on the site. The results is an extremely large and competitive product range. Sellers are actively competing with each other, often resulting in large discounts to games.

This competition does not always results in the absolute cheapest price however. When using CDKeyPrices to compare a random selection of the latest games, I was surprised to see Kinguin sometimes 4th or 5th on the list. Kinguin is taking a commissions from other seller’s sales, and this means that some other stores are prepared to sell cheaper than those sellers on Kinguin.

What the marketplace also allows is the selling of DLC codes, Season Passes, gold, coins and other such items. We personally don’t track the prices for products such as these, usually because they are never any cheaper than buying from Steam or Origin directly. This appeared to be the case in a lot of the items I reviewed on Kinguin. PS4 Keys as well as Xbox One Download Codes are also available which is helpful considering buying console cd keys is also getting pretty popular and still very expensive on the official stores. There are not as many sellers of Xbox One codes as there are Steam CD Keys, probably because of their higher price and difficulty in sourcing them in larger quantities.

Another cool feature is the Kinguin Buyer Protection. If you are not comfortable in buying from the marketplace or third party seller, you can elect to make the purchase with a type of warranty. What this means is that in the event the key goes bad or invalid and the seller disappears, Kinguin will replace the key for you. Think of it like taking out an insurance policy on your order. You of course can choose not to do this and instead browse the reputation of the sellers before settling on who you are comfortable with. I personally would avoid sellers with zero or little reputation, even if they are the cheapest. It is safe to purchase from reputable marketplace sellers without the Kinguin protection.

Kinguin Protection really showed its value during the Sniper Elite 3 CD Key debacle where Rebellion revoked a bunch of keys from users steam account. Kinguin acted in an extremely professional manner and refunded all its customers orders for those affected. Top shelf!

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One cool feature of Kinguin, like G2A, is its support options. Even though its marketplace is very large, Kinguin takes care of all the support for the sellers. Further, the marketplace sellers are actually uploading the stock to Kinguin before it’s sold, meaning once you make your purchase the code is made available to you immediately. This means the sellers can concentrate on stock levels, quality and price, rather than handling customer support which can be costly and time consuming.

In terms of support, Kinguin has you covered 24/7, with both email and live chat. A variety of languages is covered meaning if you have any issue with a third party seller you will be easily taken care of. Kinguins Twitter account has a massive 189K followers and its Facebook a galactic 630,000 likes. Both forms of its social media are very active, with great interaction from staff and customers alike.

The site an informative and popular blog (something I personally have on my RSS reader!) which the site uses as a platform to announce giveaways (of which there are many), major news and gaming related content. Vouchers, coupons and cd keys are sometimes posted. It’s definitely something worth adding to your daily reading habits!

Trustpilot gives a healthy score of 8.8/10. To be honest I was a little surprised by this (thought it would be a bit higher) but I do recall early on that Kinguin did not have as big of an emphasis on support as it does now. A quick glance does show either 10/10 or 1 star reviews. Those one star reviews are usually related to order mix-ups or some other issue which should be easily fixed. In fact, Kinguin support appears to be following up with a lot of customers directly on Trustpilot.

Payment Options

All the majors are covered with credit card, Paypal, Skrill, Paysafe and UKash offered. The site also accept bitcoins through the awesome Bitpay gateway.

Kinguin allows dozens of currencies, and when you select your desired currency it even auto adds the applicable taxes for your country. I guess there is nothing stopping you from selecting a currency with a lower tax rate? We are thrifty gamers after all! I conducted some tests to make sure that the different currencies all converted ok, with no evidence to suggest that they are making profit off of currency conversions.

Final Thoughts & Coupons

Well, whats not to say about Kinguin. The site basically appeared out of nowhere and became the biggest on the planet. I’ve made a lot of purchases from Kinguin over the years and thoroughly enjoyed it every time. It’s easy, it’s 100% trustworthy and it just works. They may not be the cheapest, and I usually avoid the third party sellers (for no particular reason), but if you haven’t already heard or used the store before, now is the time to become a Kinguin fanboi. That concludes our Kinguin review…and as always, any problems please let us know. Would love to hear your own feedback and experience with Kinguin in the comments below. For an extra 3% off your next order, the Kinguin guys were nice enough to provide us with a voucher, simply use “cdkeyprices” on checkout.