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Just Cause 2 CD Key

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Just Cause 2 CD Key is an action adventure, single player, open world, video game, whose developer is Avalanche Studios and publisher Eidos Interactive. Square Enix is the distributor of the game. It is stated to be the sequel to ‘Just Cause’, a 2006 popular video game. The second part of the series is known to employ an updated engine version, which is ‘Avalanche Engine 2.0’ and has been set on Panau’s fictional island, with its location being Southeast Asia, covering about 400 sq. miles. In this version, Rico Rodriguez is said to return as protagonist, thereby aiming towards overthrowing Pandak ‘Baby’ Panay, the evil dictator, confronting Tom Sheldon, his previous mentor.

This game on its release was praised for its open ended nature, gameplay mechanics, its sound track and world design. It is also termed to be a big commercial success, as it has sold millions of copies, within a very short time. Presently, Just Cause 2 can be played on PS Now, while being streamed to PS 3, PS 4, PS Vita, including other compatible devices. Its notable features include grappling hook, giving players capability to have objects tethered to one another.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Just Cause 2 $4.49 Yes
Just Cause 2 Steam CD-Key $4.51 Yes
Just Cause 2 $4.70 Yes
Just Cause 2 $4.96 Yes
Just Cause 2 $5.82 Yes
Just Cause 2 STEAM cd-key GLOBAL $6.45 Yes
Just Cause 2 $6.81 Yes
Just Cause 2 Steam CD Key $7.19 Yes

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