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Worms Clan Wars is an artillery-strategy game developed by Team17. It is currently the most recent PC game in the Worms series.

Many gameplay features from previous Worms games return, such as water mechanics and Physics Objects. The classes system which was introduced in Worms Revolution also returned. A day and night system was also introduced.

Customisation has a large role. Players can create emblems, team flags and landscapes with the landscape editor. With Steam Workshop Integration players can create custom content for their worms.

Many weapons such as the Concrete Donkey, Holy Hand Grenade and Bovine Blitz (from Worms 4 and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem) return. New weapons include Mega Mortar, Gravedigger, and The Equalizer.

Worms Clan Wars features WormNET which serves as a lobby and chat system allowing players to keep in touch. Clan systems will play a large role during multiplayer. A companion app as well as a Web Portal allows players to track their multiplayer statistics when offline or on the go.


The single player campaign features 25 missions across 5 enviroments: Inca, Prehistoric, Viking, Feudal Japan and Industrial Revolution. It focuses on a character named Tara Pinkleton who serves as the game's narrator, as well as providing missions for the team. In addition to story mode, it features 10 Worm Ops mission that features time attack modes.

Game Information

Release Date
15th August 2013
Team 17
Total Rating
Content Rated
E10+ (Everyone 10+)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
Side view
Platform, Strategy, Turn-based strategy (TBS)
PC (Microsoft Windows)