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Game Summary

There are few MMORPGs that have enjoyed the same pop culture status as World of Warcraft. It has been around on the gaming scene for several years and constantly ensures a fresh supply of content through regular updates, expansion packs, and various updates and tweaks to the game. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is the most recent expansion to the game that continues on the title's original premise of The Alliance vs the Horde.

Whether players are longstanding veterans in the World of Warcraft virtual community or are just beginning their journeys here, Battle of Azeroth provides an accessible and suitable introduction to the game as a whole. It does little to change the lore of the game and follows on from recent issues the Night Elves have been experiencing with the Horde. In an act of hostility, the Horde burned a village belonging to the Night Elves in the game and cost the lives of thousands of characters. The Alliance responded in kind with an attack on Lordaeron and this has stemmed into an all-out battle thanks to the introduction of Azerite into the system: a new arcane crystal that powers the most recent magical weapons and spells.

So, players are effectively in a fairly greedy position by wanting to collect the highest amounts of Azerite in order to control the expansion's most potent and powerful arsenal. This has been supported by lifting the character level cap from Level 110 and replacing it with a maximum Level 120, which further increases the power of the weaponry they're sure to find in the expansion. While there is a strong sense of teamwork involved on both sides, players can rest assured that they're in things for themselves with the sole intention of collecting Azerite for their newly-found powers.

This isn't unlike other MMORPGs on the scene today and follows a tried and tested model of success, which has indeed made Battle for Azeroth a successful release in its own right. The introduction of a higher level cap has also been hailed as a welcomed move by the majority of players since it is breathing fresh life into a game that has been such a beloved staple in the online gaming world for so long.

Those who enjoy the player vs player aspect of RPG gaming are in for a treat as well. Battle for Azeroth introduces a new “war mode” PvP that unlocks a privately held server and actively encourages combat between players. Those who manage to conquer several foes are branded as an assassin and will have a bounty placed on them, which further fosters teamwork and cooperative play in order to slay the current assassins of the opposing force.

It's obvious Blizzard went to great lengths to ensure a good quality visual experience. Boralus, which belongs to the Alliance, is easily rated as one of the most graphically stunning locations in the entire World of Warcraft realm. Alliance players would certainly do well to tour it as a part of their expansion experience. This is supported by the very diverse range of terrain that players will traverse as a part of their adventure.

Battle for Azeroth is one of Blizzard's crowning achievements in the gaming world and is arguably one of their best expansion packs to date. The battle awaits those who choose to install it now!

Game Information

Release Date
13th August 2018
Blizzard Entertainment, Activision Blizzard
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)
Player Perspectives
Third person
Role-playing (RPG)
Action, Fantasy, Open world, Warfare
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac