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Vinylove is a small exploration game experience about the deep relationship between the songs we love and the memories they relate to.
You will follow the short story of Alex, the protagonist, while he's dealing with his past and the impact songs and music had on it.
As you proceed with the experience, you will be asked to put on specific records to help Alex understand and finally cope with his own memories.


The entire story takes place in Alex's bedroom, filled with his passions and hobbies and stuff from his childhood. You will find a lot of details about his life by just looking at his stuff, while you're busy collecting the right song with each memory.

You will be creating the soundtrack for this experience by selecting and playing your favourite songs by your favourite artists! It's easy, all it takes is to open your records library and select the song from your computer. This will allow you to live Alex's story togheter with yours: an invite to think about this magic connection between music and past in your everyday life!

Vinylove Activation Instructions

Game Information

Release Date
10th September 2018
Space Banana Studio
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
First person
Music, Simulator, Adventure, Indie
PC (Microsoft Windows)