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The player must balance and control their speed so that they don't fall. There is a clock so that the player is pressured into completing the level faster, The game also has achievements, similar to Xbox 360 achievements. The game's multiplayer features include highscores, ghost challenge (where the user plays against the ghost of any other player in the high score list) and online player profiles with team, country and player statistics. The game uses 3-D graphics, but is played on a 2-D plane, so the player can only move forwards, backwards, up or down (not left or right).


The objective of the game is to get from the start of a level to the end through a number of obstacles as fast as possible.

Game Information

Release Date
1st March 2008
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
Side view
Platform, Racing, Sport, Indie
PC (Microsoft Windows)