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Poor Topper, the lovable little turtle who tries to liven up his universe by painting his galactic tiles. But, the mysterious Dynomite and the Renegade Rabbits will stop him if they can. It’s up to you. Can you help Topper, while keeping him from getting caught by the Regenade Rabbits? Can you save him from the mysterious Dynomite before his tile is demolished? Topper needs you!

Now it is up to you. You must help Topper get from tile to tile to paint his home; but watch out — the tiles don’t want to be painted and fly off when they can. Don’t wony, though — a tile cannot fly off with Topper on it, so you are safe. But not safe from the mysterious Dynomite or the Rabbits. As you advance from group to group, the difficulty will change, and Topper will have a really tough time trying to finish. So keep your hand steady and your wits about you.

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Release Date
1st February 1983
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Texas Instruments TI-99