Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 CD Key is stated to be a combat flight, arcade styled simulator game, whose publisher is Ubisoft and developer is Ubisoft Romania. After the original version Tom Clancy's HAWX was released in 2009, it is the second part to be launched. However, both their storyline are mostly different. On 3rd September 2010, the game was launched for Xbox 360, while on 10th September 2010, the PS 3 version was released. On 12th November 2010, the Wii and MS Windows versions were released. The designers of the game are Bogdan Bridinel and Edward J Douglas, while its composer is Tom Salta. It is both a multiplayer and single player game.

A story campaign is featured in the game which can be played with cooperation availed from other three players or to be played solo. Alex Hunt, is the character that the player in control, who is a pilot from HAWX (High Altitude Warfare Experimental). There are several missions that the player can undertake. When compared to the previous game, its game play did experience some change. No longer is the player provided with the option of a weapon load-out or a plane for carrying out his missions.

Game Information

Release Date
3rd September 2010
Ubisoft Entertainment
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
First person
Action, Fantasy, Historical
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii