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The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff CD Key is an expansion pack that offers players with new local places that can be visited and to avail new items. For downloading and playing this pack, the players are required to have the Windows. With this pack, the players are able to make use of new clothes, items, appliances and much more for expanding their virtual life and to have franchise consumerism theme to be extended. Besides hi- tech gadgets, latest gym equipments and new appliances, the players are able to access to the new venues present within the Sims village that includes a corner café and community lofts.

However, not being a complete expansion pack, Tow Life stuff provides an unchanged experience, since no new modes have been created to make significant changes to the gameplay. However, similar to the previous games, this pack allows the players to enjoy unlimited hours of play. With the expansion pack, the developers have offered the players with new items that could be added to the virtual home, besides availing more contents outside the home, thereby helping them to have a great experience by trying to socialize virtually with new people.

Game Information

Release Date
26th July 2011
Electronic Arts, The Sims Studio
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Bird view / Isometric
Comedy, Sandbox
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac