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The Sims 3 Hidden Springs is a game with a difference. This is a relaxation game that offers gamers a chance to escape from routine fare. You can have a relaxing time at Hidden Springs and be able to heal yourself with the waters and woods that seem to have miraculous powers. The woods, with a light greenish tinge, are mysterious and magical. As you enter the world of Hidden Springs, you will be able to walk into the woods, relax at a ski lodge or a luxury spa or have an amazing view of the wonderful lakefront. There are also ancient mysteries of the Supernatural and the Museum of Magic waiting to be uncovered. You can also get younger when you drink water from the Fountain of Youth.

You can hobnob with the wealthy ones, engage in mischief or discover the secrets of wellness at Redwood Heights Luxury Lodge, Fairyfolk Park and Silver Zephyr Health Spa. The refreshing waters and the environment of the Crystal Solarium can help restore your health and balance. Prior to the purchase of The Sims 3 Hidden Springs CD Key, you need to check the product description from the store of your preference. Make sure that the key is in stock along with any activation method that is possibly required.

Game Information

Release Date
25th August 2011
The Sims Studio, Electronic Arts
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Bird view / Isometric
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac