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Set 5 years after the events of The Last of Us, we see the return of Joel and Ellie. Driven by hatred, Ellie sets out for Seattle to serve justice. However, she begins to wonder what justice really means.

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Review by CD-Action
August 10, 2020

Prepare for anger, fear, pain and disappointment. As clichéd as it may sound, Naughty Dog has reached a new, seemingly unreachable level of narrative design. The Last of Us Part II will hurt you in ways that no game has ever done before. This is a story you must experience.

Review by lesprit [user]
July 8, 2020

The Last of Us Part II is a more-than-worthy sequel to the excellent The Last Of Us, bringing familiar themes and gameplay elements whileThe Last of Us Part II is a more-than-worthy sequel to the excellent The Last Of Us, bringing familiar themes and gameplay elements while breaking new ground in the realm of dramatic narratives in video games. The end result is a harrowing and subversive story that effectively portrays the symmetry and reactive nature of the main characters' bloody pursuit for personal vindication. This, along with gripping gameplay and masterful art design, combine to form what is one of the boldest and most impressive video game experiences to date.

Review by yoguy9 [user]
June 26, 2020

The Last of Us 1 was an emotional experience, and it captivated players all around the world for just how well it was actually written. this game is no different. First things first, this is NOT a perfect game. I can agree that this game could have been better, there are 2 major plot points in which I do not agree with. (if you played the game you most definitely know the 2) For starters, Ellie is an amazing protagonist, she is acted extremely well and her story is so dark, that you can't help but feel for her. I personally LOVE Ellie as a protagonist, but I can't help but think that the only reason I like her is because of the base the Last of Us 1 has set up. The flashbacks in which Ellie appears are the best parts of the game, but as I just said, the first game is the only reason in which I am so wrapped up in the story. To top it off, Ellie never gets her moment in this game, she never gets her resolve, no revenge, no shining moment. She simply just gets absolutely low balled by Neil Druckman, and I have no Idea why. Aside from Ellie never shining, I do admire Naughty Dog's attempt to make you feel for the main antagonist. It's bold, but I feel like it doesn't quite work. The flashbacks as Abby just didn't captivate me as much as Ellie's did, and in the end I still wanted Abby dead. Naughty Dog took a great leap in hoping the player would feel for Abby, but I am here to say that I think killing Abby, in the theater, where the protagonist and antagonist finally meet, would've been so much better. Imagine playing as Abby for 10+ hours, making it to the theater where Ellie is hiding, only to get shot by Ellie in the head. That would've been so much more powerful than letting Abby live because the character you just controlled for 10 hours and her story are all erased by a single bullet. It carries so much more weight than this "meta" narrative that Neil tries to push. Those are my only gripes with this game. The story could've been as powerful as the Last of Us 1, but it just falls flat.Now if you are still reading, (thanks if you are), I'm going to sum up my review in a quick paragraph about the game-play. I love it. If you enjoy the Uncharted series and Last of Us game play, you will love this game's game play. There is tense moments of hide and seek action and split second crafting decision making that truly make it a tense experience. The infected are smarter and the AI is tough to defeat. (I played on Hard btw) The stealth is fun and there is burst of action scenes like in Uncharted that truly make both Ellie's and Abby's journey really adrenaline filled. Not only has the game-play improved, but cinematically and stylistically, killing a person in a video game has never been so gruesome. Stabbing people in the throat and watching them choke on their own blood, throwing molotovs at dogs and hearing them cry as their owner just watches them burn, hitting and infected in the head with a hammer and hearing their skull getting crushed. THIS GAME IS GRUESOME and I love it. Naughty Dog really outdid themselves with the combat and action scenes.So overall, this is by no means a bad game, hence my 7 out of 10 rating, but it could have been an amazing game with just a few tweaks to the story. If you read my entire essay, thanks and I hope you enjoy this game too!!!

Review by tuckmyhomietobe [user]
June 26, 2020

Imagine if on the next installment of God of War, Kratos gets killed by some elf's child for revenge 2 hours into the gameplay. That would suck.After all the buildup of the character of being such a badass and a fighter, the character dies in such disrespectful way and this happened to Joel.When I first heard the leaks of Joel's death, my prediction was that Ellie's girlfriend would get murdered and Ellie goes out for revenge. Joel follows her and when Ellie gets into trouble, Joel would be saving Ellie and during the process get killed. This angers Ellie even more and motivates her to get her revenge. I honestly think this would a respectful way to present Joel's death, saving Ellie.Joel's death is not even the worst part. With good writing with such major character dying so early in the game, I think the game could have received 9/10, but rest of the writing is horrible too. For second half of the game, the player is forced to play as Joel's killer, Abby and I think the devs were trying to make players sympathize(?) with Abby for her actions and make her look like a good person or likeable character (which was not working for me btw). Some of her actions are horrendous and it pissed me off that I had so play as her for such a long time and it felt like a waste of time for me. I think Abby's backstory could have been released as DLC (idk who would buy it) and cut down the main campaign's playtime significantly.Finally the ending was so unsatisfying. You play 20+ hours to let Abby go. I guess Ellie had this sudden realization that revenge is bad after killing hundreds of people to get to Abby. Ellie was fine killing so many people but she can't kill one person who actually killed Joel. After that, she returns to the house where Dina was supposed to wait for her to find nobody waiting. The game ends with Ellie failing to play guitar since she lost two of her fingers in final confrontation with Abby. It also shows this bittersweet conversation between Ellie and Joel about Ellie telling Joel that she won't be able to forgive Joel for what he did at the hospital from Last of Us and you can see Joel holding back his tears. I honestly felt so bad for Joel this game who saved Ellie because she reminded him of his dead daughter, Sarah, just to be disrespected by Ellie and get killed by random new character. Also, when did Ellie become such a **** This is not the Ellie I remember from the first Last of Us who was mature for her age and understanding.The first Last of Us had so many appealing side characters like Bill, Henry, Sam, Riley and even David ( who did his job to be terrifying). Some of the new characters from Last of Us part 2 are Abby, Jesse and Dina and I honestly found none of them relatable or appealing. Their dialogues were boring and I wish they had more character development in such a long game (20+hrs btw).It would be unfair to say that there are no good things in Last of Us part 2.They introduce new enemy types such as dogs and shamblers. It is nice of them to introduce more enemy types but I honestly wish there were more new enemies.Graphics also look amazing. It is easily next gen graphics and there's no denying that.New controls such as prone and jumping. Prone is somewhat useful but jumping might as well not exist if not for some geological puzzles.Gameplay is almost exactly same as first Last of Us which might be both good and bad. It means there were no improvements but personally for me, I was satisfied with it.The game looks amazing but that is about it and having such a long playtime doesn't help either, making it such a waste of time. I think this was such a wasted opportunity as a sequel to such an amazing game. The first Last of Us ending was perfect for me and did not need a sequel and I wish I can forget Last of Us Part 2 ever existed.

Review by Noisy Pixel
June 23, 2020

The Last of Us Part 2 has a lot to say about us as people after we connected ourselves to these characters in the first entry. The journey is one that is not for squeamish, but it was one that deserved to be told. As the player, we must once again witness the reality of this harsh world and those who are brought up in it...The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterclass in environmental design, and that cannot be overlooked. The messiness of the second act doesn’t overshadow how significant this adventure is.

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Game Information
Release Date June 19, 2020
Publisher Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Total Rating 93%
Content Rated M (Mature)
Game Modes Single player
Player Perspectives Third person
Genres Shooter, Adventure
Themes Action, Horror, Survival, Stealth
Platforms PlayStation 4