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The Ballad Singer is a mix of a game book, a graphic experience and a GDR videogame. An unprecedented format combines a fantasy novel and masterpiece drawings without restricting the player’s freedom to choose!

The Ballad Singer is set in one of the fantasy fictional universes the writer Alberto De Stefano has created. As far as time lapse is concerned, tale events occur several years after events narrated in the Kalesin saga Published by A.Car. The Ballad Singer adventure will let you experience a different story each time. Its branch system is based on the "Chaos Theory" - a small change often leads to unexpected consequences that can affect all characters. Each event results in numbers of consequences affecting the entire Hesperia world and changing the whole game ecosystem.

The narrator’s voice and illustrations will accompany you along your adventure. In the Italian version, plot twists have been illustrated by Federico Musetti and narrated by Wolf Il Lupo. The narrator’s voice and wonderful backgrounds are finely combined to make you immerse into all clashes, both the tactic and the most brutal ones.

Live your experience in Hesperia playing The Ballad Singer. Let yourself be carried away by a story rich in details, where nothing is left to chance and the four characters’ paths intertwine with each other. Your selections are the keys to change their fates.