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The 4th DLC expansion for "Sword of the Stars: The Pit". Requires the DLC expansions "Mind Games" and "Gold Edition".

Filling out the alien character types found in the Sword of the Stars universe comes The Pit: Juggernaut - take control of a massive, changed Tarka male,Tor Makari, a clanless mercenary, born on the Tarka Freehold of Kor Daia. Summoned to Arbuda by the promise of a huge reward, he is here to rescue a kidnapped Human from a high-security alien facility and pull down the biggest bounty of his career. As a changed male, Tor is big, bad, and do not let his lumbering manner fool you - he is no dummy. He is a force to be reckoned with, nigh unstoppable. He is a... JUGGERNAUT!

This expansion adds 1 new character as well as new recipes, including ammo conversion, weapons and variants, items, and monsters.

Game Information

Release Date
24th September 2014
Kerberos Productions
Total Rating
Content Rated
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Bird view
Role-playing (RPG), Tactical, Indie
Action, Science fiction, Survival
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Linux