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Game Summary

The underwater world is one that hasn't been widely explored in the video gaming scene. While there are many popular video games that will include various underwater features, there are few that actually focus on the underwater world in its entirety. Subnatica takes players into this very world and allows them to explore the strengths and interesting points of operating entirely beneath the sea.
Subnatica is a futuristic game and takes place in the 22nd century under the guise that human beings have started to develop colonies in outer space. The player's ship was sent as a construction vessel in order to start developing a link between our planet and space, but an incident on the way sends the ship crash landing onto planet 4546B, which is the main setting for the game.

From here, players will be allowed to explore the entire open world concept of Subnatica and have a main objective of simply surviving the various dangers that the planet presents while progressing through the story in a semi-linear fashion. It will be up to the player to harvest the necessary resources for building tools, shelter, and travel supplies. The most basic of games in Subnatica is a survival mode where players must keep on top of their oxygen, hydration, and nutrition statuses by interacting with the world around them and harvesting the necessary goodies to get through the day. The game is affected by a night and day cycle that brings different dangers at each point, so players will need to think strategically when it comes to gathering their equipment at more opportune moments.

Subnatica also includes a sandbox known as “creative mode”. Here, all of the necessary health metres are disabled and each of the skills necessary for crafting different items are unlocked right from the beginning along with granting an unlimited supply of resources. This allows players to build a variety of advanced-level equipment from the start and can freely create their own concepts and mini games alongside other players present in the server. However, because damage cannot be taken, these will often be limited to races and other exploration activities rather than any player versus player combat.

The interesting concept is already generating quite the buzz in the gaming world. It holds an impressive 87/100 rating on Metacritic and has won awards including the Golden Joystick Awards' PC Game of the Year 2018. It is also currently being considered for DICE Awards' Outstanding Achievement in Game Design award for its unrivalled use of the underwater world concept.

Subnatica takes fans of survival-based games and puts them into an entirely different world: one that poses different challenges, requirements, and skills in order to get through the experience completely unscathed. Those who enjoy this type of game would certainly do well to add it to their libraries.

Game Information

Release Date
23rd January 2018
Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Grip Games, Panic Button Games, Gearbox Publishing
Total Rating
Content Rated
E10+ (Everyone 10+)
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
First person, Virtual Reality
Adventure, Indie
Science fiction, Survival, Open world
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Oculus VR