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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty CD Key is a real time, military sci-fi strategy based game, released for Mac OS X and MS Windows. Its developer and publisher is Blizzard Entertainment. It belongs to the series of ‘Star Craft’ that was launched in 1998 and was then an award winning game and its sequel. It was on 27th July 2010 that got released and was split to 3 installments, namely, base game ‘Wings of Liberty’ having subtitle, ‘Heart of Swarm’ an expansion pack and ‘Legacy of Void’ a stand-alone expansion pack.

There are three species that the game is said to revolve around namely, a species that is technologically advanced having huge mental powers called the Protoss; a super species that has developed from the assimilated life forms called the Zerg; and human exiles who belong to the Earth called the Terrans. Both the expansions are said to focus more upon Protoss and Zerg respectively. Positive reviews were received from the critics with an aggregate score from Metacritic being around 93%. Like StarCraft 2, it also got its own share of praises for engaging gameplay, introduction of several new features including improved storytelling. During its release, the developers boasted of the gaming being the fastest selling product that ever existed having sold copies of more than 3 millions globally in its first month of release.

Game Information

Release Date
27th July 2010
Blizzard Entertainment
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
Bird view
Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy
Action, Science fiction, Warfare
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac