Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed CD Key is regarded to be a kart racing game, created by Sumo Digital and Sega being its publisher. The game has been released in November 2012 for gaming consoles like Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS 3, in December 2012 for PS Vita, in January 2013 for MS Windows, in February 2013 for Nintendo 3DS and in January 2014 for Android and iOS. It was on 15th May 2014 that it got released in Japan for Wii U and PS 3. It is said to be Sega Superstars series’ 4th installment and Wii U’s launch title in Europe and North America. The game has been composed by Richard Jacques. It is both a single player and multiple player one.

The game involves the players to be pitted against one another by making use of characters taken from the different Sega franchises. This installment boasts of having several new improvements and mechanics. Furthermore, during the course of the game, the player has the option to have the vehicle to be converted into a plane, boat or car mode. It has won favorable reviews with some critics calling it a handsome, bright and completely enjoyable racing game.

Game Information

Release Date
16th November 2012
Total Rating
Content Rated
E10+ (Everyone 10+)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer, Split screen
Player Perspectives
Third person
Racing, Sport
Science fiction, Comedy
PC (Microsoft Windows), Wii U, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS