Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

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In Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition experience the final chapter of Lara’s origin as she is forged into the Tomb Raider she is destined to be. Combining the base game, all seven DLC challenge tombs, as well as all downloadable weapons, outfits, and skills, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is the ultimate way to experience Lara’s defining moment.

Survive and Thrive In the Deadliest Place on Earth: Master an unforgiving jungle setting in order to survive. Explore underwater environments filled with crevasses and deep tunnel systems.

Become One With the Jungle: Outgunned and outnumbered, Lara must use the jungle to her advantage. Strike suddenly and disappear like a jaguar, use mud as camouflage, and instill fear in enemies to sow chaos.

Discover Dark and Brutal Tombs: Tombs are more terrifying than ever before, requiring advanced traversal techniques to reach them, and once inside they are filled with deadly puzzles.

Uncover Living History: Discover a hidden city and explore the biggest hub space ever found in a Tomb Raider game.


In the two months since Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft and her friend Jonah Maiava have dedicated themselves to stopping the activities of paramilitary organization Trinity. The two track a cell to Cozumel in Mexico that is led by Pedro Dominguez, the head of Trinity's High Council. Slipping inside nearby tombs being excavated by Trinity, Lara discovers a temple containing the Dagger of Chak Chel and references to a hidden city. Murals adorning the walls allude to the Silver Box of Ix Chel and warn of "the Cleansing", a Mayan apocalypse culminating in a permanent solar eclipse. Lara ignores the warnings and takes the Dagger to prevent Trinity from acquiring it. Dominguez catches her and reveals that by taking the Dagger, Lara has triggered the Cleansing. He takes the Dagger, intending to unite it with the Box to stop the Cleansing and use the power it grants him to remake the world in his image. Lara and Jonah escape a tsunami that destroys Cozumel and foreshadows the coming apocalypse.
Despite growing tensions between them over her actions, Lara and Jonah pursue Dominguez into the Amazon. Their plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle during the second cataclysm—a massive storm—and the two find their way to Paititi, the hidden city shown in the murals. Exploring local tombs reveals that piercing the Box with the Dagger will grant the user the power of the god Kukulkan, which must be used to halt the Cleansing. Lara witnesses Trinity soldiers being slaughtered by strange humanoid monsters later identified as the Yaaxil, guardians of the Box. When Lara saves a boy named Etzli, she and Jonah are brought into Paititi by his mother Unuratu, queen of the city. Lara sees Dominguez is the leader of a cult dedicated to Kukulkan and Unuratu reveals he is her brother-in-law Amaru, who was taken by Trinity as a child and raised to complete the ritual and reshape the world in their image. Unuratu directs Lara to the Box, but Lara finds it is missing. Believing the cult already has the Box, Lara, and Unuratu attempt to steal it, but Unuratu is captured. Lara also encounters the Yaaxil and their leader Crimson Fire.
Lara infiltrates the cult's temple and overhears Amaru telling Unuratu that the Box was hidden by Andres Lopez, a missionary sent to Paititi by Trinity during the Spanish conquest of South America. Lara rescues Unuratu and realizes that Amaru does not fully understand the ritual; rather than merely imbuing Kukulkan's power, the ritual sacrifices it to stop the Cleansing. Unuratu is shot by Commander Rourke, Amaru's second in command. Before she dies, Unuratu implores Lara to complete the ritual but warns her not to let the Box influence her. Rourke attacks Lara and Jonah, who are separated as they leave Paititi to decipher the next clue. Thinking Jonah dead, Lara goes on a rampage that destroys an oil refinery and slaughters everyone there except Rourke, who escapes. She momentarily breaks down when she finds Jonah alive, but he manages to calm her, and they decipher the Box's location. Driven mad by the Box, Lopez established a mission near Paititi where he trained acolytes to complete the ritual. Lara and Jonah find a secret catacomb beneath the missiong leading to Lopez's tomb and the Box. Amaru finds them and forces Lara to surrender the Box. He admits that he ordered her father's death to prevent him from finding Paititi and revealing it to the world. Lara tries to persuade Amaru to use the ritual to benefit the world. He refuses, as the Cleansing will only affect Paititi. Amaru has used his position in Trinity to manipulate them into preventing it. He leaves Lara and Jonah to escape the third cataclysm, a massive earthquake that causes a landslide and destroys the mission.
Back in Paititi, Lara and Jonah help the newly-crowned Etzli lead an assault on an underground temple complex at Paititi's center. They plan to disrupt Amaru's ceremony while avoiding the fourth cataclysm, a volcanic eruption threatening Paititi. Lara is forced to go on alone when Trinity cuts off Etzli's forces. She encounters the Yaaxil and Crimson Fire, convincing them to help her stop Amaru. Lara takes on the symbolic role of Ix Chel while Crimson Fire becomes Chak Chel. While the Yaaxil kill Rourke and the Trinity High Council, Lara makes it to the temple summit. She fails to stop Amaru from piercing the Box and absorbing Kukulkan's power as an eclipse blocks the sun. Lara overpowers Amaru after a lengthy battle; accepting defeat, he transfers Kukulkan's power to Lara as he dies. True to Unuratu's warning, she is tempted to use the Box to revive her parents, but instead lets Crimson Fire symbolically stab her, sacrificing Kukulkan's spirit and stopping the Cleansing. In the aftermath, Unuratu is laid to rest, and Jonah decides to take a vacation. Lara stays in Paititi to help Etzli restore the city to its former glory. A post-credits scene shows Lara planning her next adventure at Croft Manor, acknowledging that her role is not to solve the world's mysteries, but to protect them.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Reviews & Ratings

Review by MikaCroft [user]
July 12, 2020

Un très bon jeu pour conclure la trilogie amorcée en 2013.Lara retrouve ses premières amours avec l'exploration et les tombeaux.L'histoireUn très bon jeu pour conclure la trilogie amorcée en 2013.Lara retrouve ses premières amours avec l'exploration et les tombeaux.L'histoire est enrichie par les missions bonus.

Review by Gryffith [user]
February 29, 2020

Bought edition with dlcs and had great fun, no glitches, good graphics for ps4. Much much better than overrated star wars game with ridiculousBought edition with dlcs and had great fun, no glitches, good graphics for ps4. Much much better than overrated star wars game with ridiculous controls and poor graphics. This game is in my opinion best in trylogy. Very underrated, give it a try!

Review by UnknownGamer94 [user]
November 5, 2019

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a terrible game, no other way saying it, dated gameplay and animations with tons of graphical inconsistencies,Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a terrible game, no other way saying it, dated gameplay and animations with tons of graphical inconsistencies, bugs and glitches.The story as a conclusion for Lara's "origin" story is lackluster on a whole other level, there's no defining moment of her "becoming the Tomb Raider she's destined to be".Lara feels no different than the other games in this rebooted universe - bland, no charisma, no sassiness, no British cockiness, nothing that resembles the original iconic classic Lara Croft that we all know and love. The side characters are just as, if not worse than Lara herself, they don't have any real purpose in this game other than making Lara feel good about herself while she's playing the white savior, Mary Sue type of character.There were many missed opportunities in this game to at least, re-introduce the players to some of the classic and iconic known features that fans have been asking for for the last 5-6 years from the developers to incorporate into this rebooted universe (the dual pistols, Croft Manor, Lara's shorts and many more)Not only that, as a re-launch titled the Definite Edition, there is no reason to buy this game again, no new features other than one new outfit and a sort of toggle on/off outfit restriction which only takes effect after the final boss in the game, such feature is basically pointless due to the obvious criticism fans of this game/franchise have been vocal about - that they want the outfit restriction removed completely during the story itself and not after they finished it.Overall, as a Tomb Raider fan since the early 2000s, I can say I'm happy about one thing about this game - that it's the final one in this reboot "origin" trilogy, good riddance.4/10.

Game Information
Release Date November 19, 2019
Publisher Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montréal, Square Enix, Nixxes Software, Feral Interactive
Content Rated M (Mature)
Game Modes Single player, Co-operative
Player Perspectives Third person
Genres Shooter, Adventure
Themes Action, Survival, Historical, Mystery
Platforms Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia