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Regain Earth: First Strike is an arcade shooter game developed by GameFlow Studios from Germany, that was a solo indie game company when they started working on the game. The game is in alpha testing stage. It is planned as PC game first. First release is planned on steam.

Regain Earth: First Strike takes place in third-person perspective and has a science fiction theme. It is an arcade style action shooter game. At the end of a playthrough, defeating all enemies and surviving all rounds will add the player's score to a steam leaderboard and show the player their ranking.

The game can be played alone or as a multiplayer co-op game.

The gameplay is focused on shooting and fighting waves of enemies. The game is not about big stories, has no adventure elements and only small RPG elements. Regain Earth directly focuses on being a small indie arcade shooter game. With the aim of getting a high score and getting some RPG style perks so the player can survive the next playthrough easier and make future playthroughs a little different. And to beat friends by getting a higher score than them.

Story in short
The earth is lost to mutants, robots, and pollution 300 years in the future. The player is one of the first soldiers to try to regain the earth.

Regain Earth: First Strike Activation Instructions

Game Information

Release Date
30th June 2021
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative, Split screen
Player Perspectives
Third person
Shooter, Indie, Arcade
Science fiction
PC (Microsoft Windows)