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Includes Rabbids Invasion The Interactive TV Show + Season Pass !

RABBIDS® INVASION, the kids’ hit animated TV show, is now a video game!
Kids can watch a selection of 20 episodes to play and interact with the Rabbids.

Over 400 Wacky Full-Motion Activities to play with family and friends
Have a virtual egg battle, try to match the Rabbids’ poses, scream out the iconic “bwaah”…

Augmented Reality
Interact and dance with the Rabbids in your own living room!


The Rabbids Invasion BEST VALUE Season Pass is now available and includes all 15 add-on episodes with crazy challenges! Get into a friendly competition with family and friends while watching the funniest scenes of "SUPER RABBID", "RABBID VAMPIRE", "RABBIDS WITH FLEAS", "ZOMBIE RABBID", "RABBID DREAMS" and 10 more interactive episodes... Make hilarious poses, find hidden objects, scream the iconic Bwaaah, beat the timer and earn additional Rabbids coins to become the champion of each episode!

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Release Date
9th December 2014
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Xbox One