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Operation Lone Wolf is a multiplayer first person shooter, set in the second world war. You can play with up to 10 players, in different free for all gamemodes. At the moment this game has 8 gamemodes, including: standard free for all, gungame, sniper, shotgun and pistol-only and more. You can play on 10 different maps, set on all kinds of locations. Operation Lone Wolf has small maps, and big, more open maps so there are many gameplay options available for the players. This game is not trying to be a realistic representation of WW2, but more of an arcade, fast paced shooter, in which having fun is the main goal. Post launch updates like new maps, new gamemodes etc. will all be free, and there are no in-game purchases in Operation Lone Wolf. The game will cost around $17 at launch.

Game Information

Release Date
1st October 2018
Operation Games
Total Rating
Content Rated
RP (Rating Pending)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
First person
Shooter, Indie
Action, Warfare
PC (Microsoft Windows)