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"On Rusty Trails is a modern illustrative platformer which puts you into a world constantly reacting to your change in appearance. Recently, the rain has been going haywire. You are guy Elvis. Your house just dissolved into a pile of rust, and soon you will too! This is not how you planned to enjoy your future as a rate payer. Good thing, you suddenly get your hands on a Shifty Suit! Now it‘s super easy to incognito yourself and walk amongst suspicious hairy folk. Walk along, below and above iron cities, soggy jungles and flaming war zones. Swiftly zoom over any obstacle and switch form to avoid a rusty funeral…"

Game Information

Release Date
13th June 2016
Black Pants Game Studio
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Side view
Platform, Indie
Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac