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Natural Selection 2 CD Key is considered to be a team oriented, multiplayer video game that combines real time strategy and first person shooter rules. The game has been set in sci-fi universe, where alien team is fought off by the human team to get full control over the territory and resources in the elaborately laid indoor facilities. The game’s developer is Unknown Worlds Entertainment and the designer is Charlie Cleveland. It has been designed for Linux and Windows platform and was released on October 31, 2012. It is a multiplayer game.

Similar to the earlier versions, this game is said to focus on two opposing player teams, namely the Frontiersmen (Marines) and the Kharaa (Aliens), whose objective is to destroy the bases of one another. Although the goals for both the team are the same, however, their game play does differ drastically. Better and powerful equipments could be purchased by the players by using the currency system provided in the game, or for evolving into higher life-forms. Over 144,000 copies were said to have been sold in the very first week of its release, thereby helping the owners of the game to get revenue of more than million. It had sold over 300,000 copies as on 26th February 2013.

Game Information

Release Date
30th October 2012
Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Total Rating
Content Rated
M (Mature)
Game Modes
Player Perspectives
First person
Shooter, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy, Indie
Action, Science fiction, Horror, Survival
PC (Microsoft Windows)