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N+ is a port of the original Adobe Flash based PC game, N, to console and handheld systems with new features.

"N+ is a peerless action-puzzle platformer with more than 300 levels in which to hone your ninja reflexes, plus a built-in level editor for when you're hungry for more. N+ also features unique, physics-based controls, stylish graphics, unlimited lives, competitive and cooperative multiplayer, plenty of gold, and several flavors of sweet, sweet action."

"N+ features N doesn't have:
-Redesigned graphics and visual effects: a more detailed version of N's in-your-face minimalist style
-New objects and enemies: Pulse Drone, Laser Turret and Zap Doors
-Background music and next-gen 5.1 surround sound
-Way over 400 all-new levels
-3 pants-wettingly good modes of multiplayer: Co-op, Race and Survival"


"In a futuristic world of inadvertently homicidal robots, a daring ninja must use deft acrobatic skill and guts of steel to survive."

Game Information

Release Date
20th February 2008
Slick Entertainment, SilverBirch Studios, Metanet Software
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives
Side view
Platform, Puzzle, Indie
Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Portable