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Moo Lander is a 2,5D platformer with lots of environmental puzzles and resource management. You take control of the Lander – the last hero of his dying civilization. Your mission is to locate and obtain enough milk – the most important resource in the universe. The milk itself is found only on the ancient planet of the mighty alien Cows. Doing battle with those beasts yields you the precious milk – a much needed resource for your quest. You progress through the game levels by going through many hostile creatures – both flora and fauna, and at the end of each level is a boss battle with a unique Cow. After each level run you must choose what to do with the gathered milk – either upgrade your ship, unlock technology, build up your base or send the milk back to your home world. Your ultimate goal is to send enough of it to save your people.


Our Moo Lander story begins with two ancient alien nations – The Landers and The Annunaki. They both lived together in peace and harmony. The core of their culture and technology was the milk – they actually found a way to harness infinite and absolutely clean energy from this miraculous substance. The cows which gave the milk were their most important possession.

Unfortunately, there came a time when the Annunaki became greedy and wished all the milk for themselves. This naturally led to a civil conflict between the Landers and the Annunaki – it was a bloody and terrible war which led to the dying of all the cows. The so precious milk resource was depleted as a result of the war, and there were no more cows to produce it. So the Landers were on the brink of total extinction with no hope of saving their great civilization.
However, the wise and powerful sages of the Landers remembered and ancient prophecy which spoke of a powerful device which was said to be able to generate infinite amounts of milk.

So the Landers sent their most powerful warrior on a mission to retrieve this device. Traces of it were located on mars, so this was Spiro’s first destination. Time went and passed and the hero of The Landers never came back or sent any kinds of communication back to the people. A decision was made – the civilization could barely muster its last resources to build a single interstellar ship with a single Lander as the pilot. You are this last pilot, and your ship is the last remaining hope of your civilization.

Your mission – to locate the device, bring it back and start to rebuild!

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Moo Lander Reviews & Ratings

Review by Worth Playing
July 22, 2022

In the end, Moo Lander is a solid adventure game that works despite the genre being mislabeled. The placement of more physics puzzles is a welcome one, even if a few can be a little frustrating. Combat is solid enough, provided you know beforehand that the boss fights tend to be a huge pain. The world may not have much in the way of exploration, but it feels anything but sterile, and the tools are quite fun to use. It's an enjoyable game overall and one that adventure fans might be interested in if they wanted something a little different.

Review by TaiPan_ [user]
July 18, 2022

One of the best indie games that i ever see. I can't explain how i feel when play this game. I can see how the game was created by the teamOne of the best indie games that i ever see. I can't explain how i feel when play this game. I can see how the game was created by the team with love and hard work. The music is fantastic, the level design is incredible, the art environment, everything... I didn't see any bugs in the game so far. I wish all best for the team! :)

Review by Digital Chumps
July 6, 2022

Moo Lander is a fun game that can be played in short stints. It has a whacky and creative story that supports a side-scrolling shooter/puzzle/RPG backbone. It does more right than not and makes for an engaging and entertaining journey to hunt down alien cows.

Review by Xbox Tavern
June 22, 2022

If you love Metroidvania games, Moolander is very similar to those such as Ori and is packed with quality content. The gameplay at times feels as if this was intended to be a mobile game, well that’s because that is how Moo Lander started out in 2013. This game has been in development for years and the love from the developers shows in their product they’ve made together. Moo Lander was inspired heavily by Ori and plays much like it with a simpler design from a significantly smaller group. The story is engrossing and cooky enough to entertain those looking for a simple singleplayer story. There are multiplayer elements with Moo Lander such as couch coop game modes and PvE & PvP, but the story is the key part for this indie developed game.

Review by XboxAddict
June 17, 2022

Even with the few issues I encountered, Moo Lander is wacky and nonsensical and just about the most ridiculous and best thing I’ve played this year. I couldn’t stop playing it or talking about it. It was a refreshing reminder that not all games have to have a deep story or even take themselves seriously. Sometimes ridiculous and fun is all you need. Moo Lander was, indeed, an aMOOsing adventure through space and I enjoyed my time with it very much.

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Game Information

Release Date May 22, 2022
Publisher The Sixth Hammer
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives Side view
Genres Puzzle, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
Themes Action, Science fiction, Kids, Mystery
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5