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Be Proud – Be Dazzling – Be Yourself! Your choices can pave the path to success. Girls Just Want to Have Fun! Life is full of choices – will you make the right ones? Lend a hand to an Earth-friendly organization, chase a crush, and deal with everyday life. You’re Miss Popularity and everyone looks to you to do the right thing. So what are you waiting for?Features: Check out the latest trends. Customize your character in the 3D clothing gallery. Choose your hair color, clothing, hair style and much more! Be the one they notice! Stay in shape by working out on the treadmill or in step aerobics. Stay in vogue with the dating scene! Check out the “IN” magazines with your best friends to learn the do’s and don’ts of dating. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Help your parents and do your homework to gain permission to go to the mall or to get the latest make-up. Meet up with your best friends as the mall for makeovers, shopping and hot gossip! Get a text message from your girlfriend about a hip-hop band playing at the club! Keep your neighborhood beautiful by picking up the trash or teach voice lessons to earn extra cash! Which guy is for you? The Athlete-awesome at all sports and digs wildly popluar girls. The Skater-vegetarian who adores animals and super cool skater girls. The Musician-loves to listen to killer music or just chill out with a pop princess.