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Men Of War Assault Squad 2 CD Key has been considered to be a real time strategy / tactics based game, whose background has been set in the second world war and is the 2011 launched ‘Men of War – Assault Squad’s’ sequel. It was on 20th March 2014, Assault Squad 2 has been released. However, this release was just a partial release, creating some controversy and the full version being released only on May 15, 2014. This game is a single player featured skirmish mode, where the player is taken from sniper stealth to large scaled tank combat missions. Now, the players in the game are able to faceoff against their opponents using the latest multi- player 1v1 – 4v4 types of maps. There has been designed extreme game mode that has been created for huge battles on those wonderful maps for bringing the battles into life and to appear real. It is Digitalmindsoft, who is the game’s developer and 1C Company, its publisher. The game belongs to the ‘Men of War’ series and runs on GEM 2 engine, with its gaming platform being only MS Windows. Upon its release, it has received positive response from its critics.

Game Information

Release Date
20th March 2014
1C Company
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives
Third person, Bird view
Real Time Strategy (RTS), Simulator, Strategy, Tactical
Action, Historical, Warfare
PC (Microsoft Windows)