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The Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Complete bundle includes the heavily-awarded and ever evolving space simulation game Kerbal Space Program as well as the History and Parts Pack & Breaking Ground expansion for a bundled discount.


In Kerbal Space Program, take charge of the space program for the alien race known as the Kerbals. You have access to an array of parts to assemble fully-functional spacecraft that flies (or doesn’t) based on realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics. Launch your Kerbal crew into orbit and beyond (while keeping them alive) to explore moons and planets in the Kerbal solar system, constructing bases and space stations to expand the reach of your expedition.

Game Information

Release Date
16th September 2020
Squad, BlitWorks
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
First person, Third person, Bird view / Isometric
Simulator, Indie
Science fiction, Sandbox, Educational, Open world
Xbox One