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"Stolen Memory" introduces two new missions where the player assumes the role of Commander Shepard, an elite human soldier who must recruit a new squad member named Kasumi Goto and help her steal a graybox that contains important information and memories of her partner.


Shepard is sent to recruit Kasumi Goto, a master thief located on the Citadel, a colossal space station that serves as the capital of the galactic community. In return for her help, Kasumi asks Shepard's help on a heist to infiltrate the vault of a ruthless arms dealer named Donovan Hock. She explains that Hock killed her partner, Keiji Okuda, and stole Okuda's graybox, a neural implant that stores his memories as well as confidential and sensitive information he acquired in the past.

Game Information

Release Date
6th April 2010
Electronic Arts
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Third person
Shooter, Role-playing (RPG)
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox 360