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Kara no Shojo is a Japanese adult visual novel and the first one in the Kara no Shojo series. As a visual novel, Kara no Shojo‍ '​s gameplay primarily revolves around reading dialogue with other characters and making choices that affect the outcome of the game. At certain points in the game, the player character, Reiji, is tasked with investigating crime scenes. During these investigation sequences, the player must examine these scenes to uncover evidence. Later, the player must put the evidence together during inference sequences, in which Reiji must find the best answer from the clues obtained during the game. However, it's possible to fail an inference sequence by failing to obtain a given piece of evidence during a prior investigation; this in turn affects the outcome of the game. The game also features a travel system, through which the player can traverse between different locations in Tokyo. The player can only use this a limited number of times per day, and only on certain days.


The year is 1956; a series of bizarre murders rocks the city of Tokyo. Tokisaka Reiji, an ex-cop turned private eye, joins the investigation at the behest of his friend Uozumi Kyozo, a detective in the MPD. At the same time, he takes on a missing persons' case at a private all-girls high school, as well as a mysterious request from a girl named Toko to find her true self. As Reiji frantically struggles to crack the case, he learns that the murders bear an uncanny resemblance to a case in which his own fiancé was murdered six years ago. But try as he might, the body count just keeps rising...

Game Information

Release Date
4th July 2008
Innocent Grey, Blueberry Soft, MangaGamer
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Horror, Drama, Erotic
PC (Microsoft Windows)