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Players of all ages are encouraged to aide Ivy on her journey, utilizing the Wii Remote or Nintendo DS stylus to create the stretchy and flexible vines that propel Ivy forward, over and through obstacles before her. Players encounter crows, rats, raindrops and more, all of which aim to hinder Ivy's progress. But every story's hero finds a way, and Ivy soon finds an ally in the unlikeliest of places-the strange vines that erupt forth to guide, protect and propel her on her way. As skill improves, players must more carefully and quickly manipulate the trusty vines in new ways and utilize the game's distinct mode of transport.

Game Information

Release Date
17th December 2009
Rising Star Games, Bandai Namco Entertainment, XSEED Games
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Side view
Nintendo DS, Wii, Mobile