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Icebreaker is a puzzle/shooter that has the player take control of a flying pyramid who has to navigate through 150 levels blasting other stationary pyramids. The stationary pyramids are either green, blue or red and can turn into each others colors throughout a level. The red pyramids can be destroyed by being shot, the blue pyramids are destroyed by being touched, and the green pyramids are destroyed by luring enemy pyramids into them.

Speaking of enemy pyramids, each enemy pyramid has their own abilities:
•Orange pyramids have the ability to morph
•Purple pyramids can dig pits that can trap the player
•Green pyramids are very smart and can outwit the player
•Yellow pyramids are very fast and maneuverable
There are also many different environments to play in such as ice fields, swamps, lava pits and bottomless pits, four different difficulty settings to choose from that range from easy to insane and eighteen different music tracks that can be changed during the game.

Game Information

Release Date
31st December 1995
Total Rating
Content Rated
Game Modes
Player Perspectives
Shooter, Puzzle, Strategy
3DO Interactive Multiplayer