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Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer first person shooter developed by the team at Crytek. Set in the swamps of Louisiana you take on the role of a demon hunter (either solo or with a teammate), tasked with taking out supernatural beasts. Each mission you undertake involves hunting a big boss target but beware, there are plenty of other demons kicking about who would love nothing more than to destroy you. Using your special “Dark Sight” ability you’ll have to find three clues that will eventually reveal the boss’ location. Once defeated you’ll then have to escape the map with the boss’ loot that he’s dropped.

All sounds fairly straight forward so far right? Well the action doesn’t end there! To make things even more interesting the guys at Crytek have thrown in a player vs player element too. At the same time you’re hunting the boss demon, there’ll be up to five teams of other human players hunting the same target and his loot too. So you’ll not only have to contend with the demons but with other players too and as only one team can take home the loot it’s sure to be an intense hunt.

It seems though that the developers decided that even with all these factors, the game wasn’t quite tense enough…… so they decided to throw in permanent player deaths! That’s right, on death all of your bounty, weapons and items are lost. Only your experience points known as “Bloodline” are retained after death. Although improving your Bloodline level does unlock extra hunters, weapons, items and abilities, so there is some good news.

The old school ‘cowboy era’ weapons (pistols, rifles, shotguns etc.) don’t hold a great deal of ammo so be warned, you’ll have to use them wisely. Make sure you don’t step on some broken glass or disturb the wildlife while your tracking the demons too, as the slightest noise next to a zombie horde will give away your location and most likely end in a brutal death. If you’re looking for a challenging, intense shooter that’s packed with potential pitfalls, Hunt: Showdown is definitely the game for you!

Game Information

Release Date
27th August 2019
Crytek Frankfurt, Crytek
Total Rating
Content Rated
M (Mature)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives
First person
Action, Horror, Survival
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One