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Hidden Animals: English - Spanish is a relaxing hidden object game with the aim to teach you the Spanish names of animals featuring exclusive piano music.

In the game, you have 3 worlds to play. In the first one, you have to find animals by their English names, in the third one you have to find them by their Spanish names. In the second world, you see both the English and Spanish name of the animals. You can freely choose levels from the 3 worlds.

The quicker you find objects the higher score and achievement you get. By getting 3 stars completing a level you will get pieces from the puzzle of the Hidden Animals.

72 Challenging Hidden Object levels using 36 backgrounds
Language learning aspect
3 language worlds to play (English, English - Spanish, Spanish)
112 items to discover
12 dedicated piano songs for the game
Built-in Owl Eye Hint
3 Hidden Animals Fresco
More than 3-8 hours of gameplay
Building your vocabulary is about repetition. The best way to repeat words is to use them somehow and in our opinion, a game is a really good tool for that. Many of us learned English from video games. This small game is for those who likes the hidden object genre that offers a relaxing activity with a really useful feature: helping you to study Spanish.

The dedicated music of the game was made by András Illés who is a multi-instrumental musician and composer.

Game Information

Release Date
26th March 2017
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Point-and-click, Puzzle, Indie
PC (Microsoft Windows)