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Hello Neighbor 2 is a Stealth Horror Game where you’re being stalked by a mysterious creature as you try to track down Mr. Peterson (The Neighbor) who has disappeared after the events of the first game. Play against an advanced, self-learning AI that tracks and adapts to your every move.


Raven Brooks is an ordinary suburb, yet oddly filled with too many ravens. Mysterious events are happening in the city, often resembling a Tim Burton-style nightmare.

You play as a private investigator tracking down Mr. Peterson. You break into his abandoned house searching for clues, only to find a bizarre, bird-like looking creature inhabiting it. From there, you explore Raven Brooks in an open world, survival horror-style fashion while staying true to the roots of the original stealth horror theme.

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Game Information

Release Date December 31, 2021
Publisher 27257, tinyBuild
Content Rated E10+ (Everyone 10+)
Game Modes Single player
Player Perspectives First person
Genres Puzzle, Adventure, Indie
Themes Horror, Stealth
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One, Xbox Series