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The game is an early access game. The H1Z1: King of the Kill is a game where each second really counts a lot. You are stepped into a high-intensity, grudge match. You will need to be able to plan quickly and gear up fast. The action game was designed and developed by Daybreak Game and Company.

You have different modes to choose from like Battle Royale, the Tournaments, and Ignition. At the beginning of the game, you are parachuted in. Once you are inside the game, you will have to be ready for action immediately. You are provided with explosive devices which can blow you unless you are able to reach safe zones.

Probably this part was designed to make the game more interesting and exciting. With several tournaments and facilities, the game is highly competitive. You can either play yourself or consider playing with other players. The prizes for the games are high and since there is only going to be a single winner, you have to fight to the death and stand.