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EX_LIFE is a sci-fi, futuristic interactive game, different and very stylish, with a unique and rich gameplay, in which the player must resolve himself to innovate the test. Interacting with an AI with a strong personality, the protagonist must survive and solve the mysteries.

Ex Life is a very difficult and challenging puzzle game, a game in which you interact with Brenda, a very unique Artificial Intelligence, and which has the personality of Enzo's Ex Wife, which makes Enzo's life a Paradise or a Hell , depending on the mood of the day.


Enzo wakes up in his room without remembering much of what happened, all he knows is that he had a party at his house the day before.
So together with Brenda, he starts his routine again and finds out that the brenda is altered in a way, so Enzo must find out what is going on, until the decisive moment, that Brenda prevents Enzo from leaving his own home.

Game Information

Release Date
31st December 2020
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
First person
Puzzle, Simulator, Indie
Science fiction, Survival, Comedy, Drama, Mystery
PC (Microsoft Windows)