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Dimensional is a first-person, narrative-driven puzzle game.

Carefully navigate a series of increasingly challenging chambers while avoiding traps and completing puzzles and physical challenges.

You're accompanied by Digby. He's not the brightest or happiest droid, but give him a target and he'll hit it. Use him to manipulate objects or for more destructive purposes.


A trans-dimensional race is being hunted to extinction. Many years ago humans helped them build hidden chambers on Earth to safely hide their offspring. Now the hunters have built machines to smash their way into the chambers.

Can you rescue their offspring before it's too late?

The chambers are filled with traps and challenges that can only be completed by a human working together with an alien droid.

Game Information

Release Date
14th December 2016
11824, Head Start Design
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Virtual Reality
Puzzle, Adventure, Indie
PC (Microsoft Windows)