Diablo IV

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There are many DLCs available for Diablo IV that add novelty to the gameplay and offer unique experiences.

Diablo IV: Bound Faith Mount Trophy is an example that provides a unique and standalone visual upgrade for mounts - they appear to levitate because of magic. It is a special edition series that highlights customization and the game's aesthetic .

Weapon-based DLCs, such as Diablo IV: Amethyst Crossbow and Diablo IV: Amethyst Slasher , offer weapons that have a special property. For instance, the Amethyst Crossbow provides a particularly high critical damage rate and has a chance to re-roll for critical hit, making a huge difference in battles .

In addition to the actual hammer, the Diablo IV: Amethyst Hammer also includes nine Amethyst weapon transmogs and gems that have many effects, which include dealing extra damage to different types of enemies, and armor, which make the game more fun and less tedious.

Other examples, such as Diablo IV: 2X Tier Skips and Diablo IV: Season of the Construct Accelerated Battle Pass focus on helping players progress through the battle pass well. They add fun, and some utility cosmetics, which are often cutting down progression times making the game more rewarding.

The Diablo IV: Guide is also present in the bundle and offers vital information for either new or seasoned players, from individual milestones to the best ways to use traveling .

Another example is the Diablo IV: Closed Beta , which enables players to test the game and provide feedback so that it will be perfect upon launch.

Lastly, the Diablo IV: Ultimate Edition and the Diablo IV: Light-Bearer Mount & Caparison of Faith Mount Armor Bundle come with exclusive collector's items, in-game items and bonus items.

Game Information
Release Date June 6, 2023
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Total Rating 83%
Content Rated M (Mature)
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Genres Role-playing (RPG), Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
Themes Action, Fantasy, Horror
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S