Know somebody who might be like this game?

Dead by Daylight is as light hearted a game as the title suggests! This survival horror online multiplayer sees your favourite serial killers hunting their famous survivors in a 4 vs 1 scenario (the 4 being the survivors obviously otherwise it wouldn’t even be a contest). Take control of infamous villains like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers as they hunt the likes of Laurie Strode and Quentin Smith, at night, obviously!

So how did all these different killers and survivors end up crossing paths? Turns out there’s a supernatural being known as The Entity who is about as evil as they come. He only wakes from his deep slumber after extreme acts of violence (not a good sign), requires sacrifices to survive, enjoys stealing souls and feeds off people’s hope! So he pulls the world’s worst serial killers from their reality and convinces them to do his bidding, because he can. The poor survivors are transported to The Entity’s realm when they accidently come too close to the area that the killer was originally transported from.

From there on it becomes a game of cat and mouse between the killer and the survivors. Can the survivors escape through different realms before being caught by the killer – who by the way on capturing the survivors, carries them to a meat hook where he leaves them just hanging there ready for The Entity to finish them off! The survivors need to avoid this and repair generators throughout the realms in order to get home. Oh and I mentioned that The Entity feeds off hope, well it actually helps the survivors (as well as the killer) in their quest to escape, purely for its own evil gratification - the sadistic bastard! Terrified yet? You should be!