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DARK CD Key is considered to be a role playing, stealth and action based game, whose developer is Realmforge Studios and publisher is Kalypso Media. It was on 9th July 2013 that it got released. At the Role Play Convention held in Cologne, Germany, as well as at the 2012 E3, the game’s playable version had been presented. On 24th May 2012, a reveal trailer had been released.

The game’s protagonist is Eric, who is said to possess several supernatural vampiric abilities that the player can use whenever required. For teleporting to the different areas and for performing stealth finishers, Shadow Leap can be used. He can also make himself to be temporarily invisible, to slow down time and view clearly in the dark. ‘Blood points’ are what is required for using a skill. For restoring blood and health points, the character is required to drink enemy blood. DARK has been directed by Benjamin Rauscher and designed by Christian Wolferstetter. It has been created for Xbox 360 and MS Windows and is a single player game. However, it failed to live up to the expectations of its fans, as more was expected from the developer, to boost the excitement elements of the game.