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Crusader Kings 2 CD Key is a strategy game that has been set during the Middle Ages. Paradox Development Studio is the developer of this game and Paradox Inter Active is its publisher. It is regarded to be the sequel to that of ‘Crusader Kings’ that made huge loyal fans, within days of its launch. This game was released on 14th February, 2012 for MS Windows. On 24th May 2012, the first in-house development by Paradox Interactive was launched for Mac OS X, while on 14th January 2013, its Linux version got released. This game has been termed to be among the second most successful one after Cities: Skylines, having sold more than one million copies. As on August 20, 2015, the present patch is version 2.4.4. The game’s distributor is GamersGate and Steamer, while the designer is Henrik Fahraeus. It runs on Clausewitz Engine and is a multiplayer and single player game.

In this game, the player gets to control a Medieval dynasty dating back between 1066 and 1453. For achieving success and enhancing his dynasty, the player has toper form strategic use of marriages, war, assassinations, besides other things. The game also contains several historical figures like Charlemagne , William the Conqueror, Robert Guiscard, El Cid , to name a few.

Game Information

Release Date
3rd February 2012
Paradox Interactive
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
Bird view
Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Strategy
Fantasy, Historical
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Linux