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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare CD Key is a first person shooter game that has been released in 2007. In Japan, Square Enix had it re-released on 10th September 2009. Activision is its publisher and Infinity Ward its developer. The game has been launched for platforms like Mac OS X, Xbox 360, PS 3, Wii and MS Windows. For Nintendo DS, a handheld game had been created.

For MS Windows and video game consoles, it was in November 2007 that the game got released in Europe, Australia and North America. For Mac, it was released in September 2008 and in November 2009 for Wii, with the subtitle give as ‘Reflex Edition’. It belongs to the series of ‘Call of Duty’ and is its 4th installment, excluding the expansion packs. Instead of WW-2 setting like in the previous games, this one focuses on modern times, with the storyline being in 2011. It makes use of proprietary game engine and took about two years to get developed. The game’s multiplayer portion features upon different game modes, containing leveling system, allowing players to have additional weapons to be unlocked along with camouflage schemes and weapon attachments with advancements. The story and gameplay has been praised specifically by the critics

Game Information

Release Date
31st December 2007
Glu Mobile, Activision
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Bird view / Isometric
Action, Warfare