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Bioshock 2 CD Key is shooter game that is to be played from the first person perspective. 2K Marin is its developer and the consoles to be played upon is Xbox 360, PS 3 and MS Windows. It is regarded to be BioShock’s sequel and released globally on 9th February, 2010. On 30th March 2012, Feral Interactive had released its OS X version.

The background of the game has been set in Rapture’s fictional underwater dystopia, with the opening of the game being a cutscene set dating back to 1958 and then immediately jumping ahead to 10 years with the protagonist waking in 1968. The publisher of the game is 2K Games and its distributor is Take-Two Interactive, while it has been directed and written by Jordan Thomas. It has been produced by Melissa Miller and composed by Garry Schyman. It runs on Unreal Engine 2.5 and is both a multiplayer and single player game. During the game, the player makes use of combination of weapons, the environment, tonics and plasmids to fight off the enemies. On getting killed, the player can be revived at the nearest ‘vita chamber’. The game had received positive reviews, with praises being showered on the plasmids, weapons, enemies, storytelling aspects.

Game Information

Release Date
9th February 2010
2K Games, D3 Publisher, Take-Two Interactive
Total Rating
Content Rated
M (Mature)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
First person
Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
Action, Science fiction, Thriller
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360