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Strategy games have been in a bit of a dormancy recently. While the real time strategy market has been thoroughly tapped and is releasing reboots of the most classic titles as of late to capitalize on nostalgia and their former popularity, turn-based strategy has seemingly disappeared completely off the radar and is leaving fans of the system ravenous for something enjoyable. Fortunately, BattleTech was released and combines the formulas of ever-popular strategy systems into one exceptional package.

The mechanics of the game are rather simple: players control up to four bipedal “mechs” that are recognizable from earlier robotics games and indeed the board game that BattleTech is based off of. Each mech and its features cost the player a certain amount of points and the combatants mustn't exceed a predefined amount of points, so players are required to think with a strategic mind right from the word go as four lightly equipped mechs might not pose much of a threat to one Goliath-type machine depending on how it is used on the battlefield. Success is largely dependent on how players control their mechs and everything must be taken into consideration.

Yes, players must consider absolutely everything about their mechs: its position on the playing field, where it is pointing in relation to its enemies, and generally how it conducts itself with the environment around it. For example, traversing a hill will reduce its moving speed and can sometimes expose very critical weaknesses for opponents to take advantage of in a surprise ambush, but is a quicker way of getting to a safer vantage point if that is what the player is thinking. Depending on how the enemy is angled at that particular point, it can easily strike one of those critical points or might miss the mark entirely and waste a turn's worth of attacks.

Turn-based strategy certainly requires a different mindset to real time strategy and other popular games in current existence altogether. Fortunately, those who enjoy a more in-depth game will find BattleTech provides countless hours of fun and sometimes these battles can rage on for hours in a single gameplay session. It's certainly not one of those pick up and go type action games that can be freely abandoned after a few minutes of playing, but does include those popular elements of the action experience to expose modern video game players to what the genre as a whole has to offer them.

The tactical system of the game is flawless and is also supported by a wealth of exceptional visuals and audio that are appropriate for the role. Mechs are presented with their metallic designs very well with crisp, fluid movement throughout the battle.

Wonderfully in-depth and thoughtful, BattleTech is a truly interesting game to the gaming market of 2018. It enjoys a current and active player base that is unlikely to disappear anytime soon since it is a rather niche game in an otherwise saturated marketplace.

Game Information

Release Date
24th April 2018
Harebrained Schemes, Paradox Interactive
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
Bird view / Isometric
Strategy, Turn-based strategy (TBS), Adventure
Action, Science fiction
Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac