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The gaming world of 2018 was rife with controversy and Battlefield V was one of the most hotly-contested titles of the year. While the initial release garnered a bit of backlash from the series' very loyal and dedicated fan base, the game's release silenced its critics completely and it has grown to be one of the most popular instalments of any video game series to this very day.

While the Battlefield series is known for its quick-paced, rapid-fire multiplayer action, Battlefield V also includes a single player campaign that is divided into episodes based on actual events in the Second World War. Here, players can be a part of depictions of key parts of the war including Operation Dragoon, Operation Albumen, the difficulties of the Ruhr Pocket mission, and the Norwegian heavy water sabotage. While these provide more than a substantial amount of content for players to enjoy, it's largely believed that the majority of its player base are in it for the rich multiplayer experiences that the series has consistently delivered with each Battlefield title.

Fortunately, Battlefield V is no different when it comes to its online multiplayer mode and rises to the occasion of offering an exceptional online gameplay experience for players throughout the world. Battlefield V also introduces four new multiplayer modes including a continuous campaign mode that is built around a full-scale war experience that runs for an indefinite amount of time until the usually very in-depth objectives have been completed (Tides of War), a large-scale battle that takes place within a narrowing wall of fire that reduces the available amount of map space to play until all of the opposing teams have been eliminated (Firestorm), an ongoing objective-based game that requires players to meet specific criteria within the game in addition to engaging with the battle that is taking place around them (Grand Operations), and it also reintroduces the very popular cooperative gameplay mode from Battlefield 3 (Combined Arms).

Battlefield V is an award-winning game having won Game Critic Award's Best Online Multiplayer Game of 2018. It was also nominated for several other awards including Game Critic Award's Best PC Game and Best Action Game; Golden Joystick Award's Most Wanted Game of 2018; Australian Game Award's Shooter of the Year; and Gamers' Choice Award's Fan Favourite of The Fall 2018. With all of these accolades behind it, it's very easy to see why Battlefield V has a community of over one million registered players.

Battlefield V is an immersive cinematic experience, too. With high fidelity graphics and the usual exceptional soundtrack that the series is well-known for, the game delivers on all fronts and is expected to remain a staple of game libraries around the world for years to come.



Game Information

Release Date
20th November 2018
EA Digital Illusions CE, Electronic Arts, Uprise
Total Rating
Content Rated
M (Mature)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives
First person
Action, Historical, Warfare
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One