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Battlefield Hardline Premium CD Key allows you to play the highly exciting game Battlefield Hardline and enter a thrilling world where cops face off against criminals. With the membership, you can access as many as 4 expansion packs, which include Betrayal, Getaway, Robbery and Criminal Activity. You can also play the packs for two weeks prior to other players without a Premium membership. You can get the chance to dominate the roads and make it get hotter with exclusive gear, 12 bonus Battlepacks and lots of other interesting things.

You can get additional loot and be able to avail 12 bonus Battlepacks that comprise of a wide variety of items within the game consisting of XP boosts and much more. You can get all that you require in order to ensure your survival in the battle scenario of the game in an urban setting. You can get exclusive patches, camos and much more with the Battlefield Hardline Premium Membership. Always remember to check the description of the product before you buy any Battlefield Hardline Premium CD Key. Make sure that the CD key is available in stock apart from any of the activation method that is needed in order to make it functional.

Game Information

Release Date
17th April 2015
Total Rating
Game Modes
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PC (Microsoft Windows)