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Battlefield 4 happens to be the 4th in the series of the highly popular Battlefield game series, which kind of revolutionized the gaming industry. The Battlefield 4 Premium CD Key consists of in-game content and new maps in 5 digital expansion packs, new content updates every week, special double XP events and more. The action is more intense this time and you can do crazy stuff such as blowing up buildings which are being used as a shield by your foes. You can use a gun boat as shield and make a full-on assault. There is hardly anything to stop you from being victorious. You can play according to your strong points and lead your team to glory.

The story begins with evacuating American VIPs from the city of Shanghai and you have to come back home with your squad amidst fierce gun battle. The multiplayer experience of the Battlefield series is intact in this game, and is unmatchable as before. The war is full blown and there is option to personalize everything, whether dogtags, emblems, paints or camos. It comes with next-generation robustness and provides users with a dramatic and intuitive experience that has not been seen in any other action game so far.

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15th November 2013
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PlayStation 4