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Trudograd is a standalone expansion that continues the story of 2018’s ATOM RPG. Like its predecessor, Trudograd is an old-school cRPG heavily inspired by the older Fallout and Wasteland games.


The game is set two years after the original, which followed a rookie Soviet ATOM agent tasked with venturing into the post-apocalyptic wastes of the USSR several decades after a nuclear exchange with NATO. That agent discovered a new threat that could destroy the already scattered remnants of humanity.

In the sequel, players are sent to a ruined metropolis that might contain what humanity needs to fend off the threat revealed at the end of the original game. Besides a new story, Trudograd features numerous enhancements, tweaks, and upgrades that were requested by the community since the first game launched nearly two years ago.

Game Information

Release Date
31st December 2020
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PC (Microsoft Windows)