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Game Summary

The lure of the high seas has always been a relatively untapped market in the gaming scene. Fortunately, developers have recognized the potential in this sort of setting and newly emerging games are just starting to enter the marketplace. One of these games is Atlas. Developed by Studio Wildcard, Atlas takes players to the helm of their own ship and allows them to experience all the treachery that an ocean voyage has to offer while also encouraging them to form pirate-based governments, conquer islands, and have all-out warfare on the water with other players.
One of the key features of Atlas is just how genuine the ship captaining experience actually is for players. This doesn't in any way take away from the fun factor of the game, but players will be required to coordinate their shipmates in order to man the cannons, operate the sails, and generally keep on top of all of the maintenance that their ship will require throughout its voyage. All of these tasks can be automated and players will be free to hire NPC characters to do the dirty work while they keep a lookout for islands and buried treasure. Players can also be assigned to these various departments as well if clan-based warfare is what they're looking for in their gaming experience.

When players land on a deserted island, then they'll be free to claim it as their own and can rule with basic governmental controls over their remote piece of land. Visitors will be required to pay taxes to the owner in order to set themselves up within their dominion. This gives players incentives to be positive influences on the community as opposed to negative tyrants when it comes to running their governments. By encouraging players to stay on their islands, players will be able to recruit allies for larger campaigns and have built-in defence systems that allow them to leave their island unattended without fear of it being conquered by another player.

This isn't the only thing players can do to occupy their time. There are also several smaller quests that players will be able to find along the way and following treasure maps will usually yield pretty interesting stories in terms of the adventures to be had. It's important to note though that without adequate resources, players can succumb to the perils of the sea and will be required to harvest their own resources to start building makeshift rafts and boats in order to resume playing the game. These are understandably very defenceless against juggernaut type ships, so players must consider their actions and whether or not land ownership is a viable way forward in the game for them. In most circumstances, it is better for players to go the governmental route than the nomad one.

Atlas combines the fun of arcade-style combat with a lengthy open world campaign that's sure to keep players occupied for some time. Those who enjoy a more in-depth RPG type experience will certainly do well to add this to their gaming libraries as it offers a setting not regularly explored by the typical

Game Information

Release Date
22nd December 2018
Grapeshot Games, Instinct Games
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)
Player Perspectives
Third person
Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
Action, Fantasy
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One